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On October 1 and 2, 2018, the Justices held the international conference at the Judges Academy in celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the constitutional review. The opening, hosted by Prof. Dr. Tzong-Li Hsu, the President of the Judicial Yuan, was accompanied with the attendance of President Ing-Wen Tsai and her congratulation speech. In this conference themed “Constitutional Court and Human Rights Protection,” President Hsu presented his keynote speech on “How Does the Judicial Activism of the TCC Shape the Liberal Democratic Constitutional Order in Taiwan.” The guest speakers, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (former President of the Supreme Court of Canada) spoke on “Four Eras of Aboriginal Law in Canada;” President Dr. Dainius Žalimas (the President of the Lithuanian Constitutional Court), who could not make his appearance, delivered his transcript on “The Development of Constitutional Review and Human Rights Protection by the Constitutional Court of Lithuania,” which was read by Dr Yu-Chieh Chen (Academia SINICA); Justice Dondov Ganzorig (the Justice of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia), spoke on “The Role of the Constitutional Court in the Process of Democratic Development in Mongolia;” Professor Tom Ginsburg (the University of Chicago, USA) spoke on “The Trump Administration, Democracy, and American Constitutional Law.” And Dr. Andrew Drzemczewski (International Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg/ then Visiting Professor, Middlesex University School of Law, UK) spoke on “The Role and Authority of the European Court of Human Rights.”

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