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No. 261 (Terms of Office of the First Congress Members Case)

2. Limits on the Power to Amend the Constitution
No. 499 (Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments Case)

3. The Power to Introduce Statutory Bills to the Legislative Yuan
No. 3 (The Control Yuan’s Power to Introduce Statutory Bills Case)
No. 175 (The Judicial Yuan’s Power to Introduce Statutory Bills Case)    

4. Judicial Independence
No. 86 (Separation of the Judicial and the Prosecutorial Institutions Case)

5. Jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court
No. 2 (Government-Petitioned Uniform Interpretation Case)
No. 371 (Judges’ Petition for Constitutional Review of Statutes Case)

6. Gender Equality
No. 365 (Fathers’ Preferred Parental Rights Case)
No. 728 (Qualifications for Successors of Ancestor Worship Guilds Case)

7. Freedom of Assembly
No. 445 (Prior Restraint on the Freedom of Assembly Case)

8. Free Speech
No. 744 (Prior Restraint on Commercial Speech Case)

9. Freedom of Secrecy of Correspondence 
No. 631 (Issuance of Communications Surveillance Warrants Case)    

10. Right to Property
No. 400 (Public Easements on and Taking of Privately-Owned Existing Roads Case)
No. 440 (Taking Without Compensation of the Underground Strata of Private Lands Case)

11. Right to Work
No. 584 (Permanent Disqualification of Taxi Drivers Case)
No. 749 (Temporary Disqualification of Taxi Drivers Case) 

12. Right to Judicial Remedy
No. 736 (Public School Teachers’ Right to Judicial Remedy Against Infringements by Schools Case)
No. 752 (A Defendant’s Right to Appeal a Higher Court Guilty Decision Reversing a Lower Court Not-Guilty Decision Case)

13. Unenumerated Constitutional Rights
No. 603 (Mandatory Fingerprinting for Identity Cards Case)
No.748 (Same-Sex Marriage Case)

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