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1. Legislature
No. 721 (Election of Party-list Proportional Representatives Case)
No. 325 (The Parliamentary Power of Inquiry Case)
No. 585 (Scope of Legislative Authority Case)
No. 461 (Duty of the Chief of General Staff to Be Present and Answer Questions in Legislative Committees Case)
No. 435 (Speech Immunity of Legislators Case)
No. 632 (The Exercise of Constitutional Powers and the Duty of Loyal Cooperation of Constitutional Organs Case)
No. 329 (Treaties Subject to the Parliamentary Deliberation of the Legislative Yuan Case)  

2. Executive
No. 627 (Presidential Immunity and Secret Privilege Case)
No. 419 (Vice President Concurrently Assuming Office of Premier Case)
No. 520 (Withholding of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant Budget Case)
No. 613 (Legislative Authority over Executive Personnel Case)

3. Judiciary
No. 530 (Administrative Supervision of the Supreme Judicial Institution Case)
No. 216 (Judicial Review of Administrative Ordinances Case)
No. 601 (Deletion of the Budget Appropriated as a Specialized Payment for the Justices Case)
No.185 (Remedies against Judgments that Rely upon Precedents Declared Unconstitutional Case)
No.177 (Permissibility of Retrial When a Relevant Provision of Law Not Applied Affects the Judgment Case)
No.741 (Scope of Original Cases Eligible for Extraordinary Remedies under Interpretations Declaring Laws Unconstitutional but Valid for a Prescribed Period of Time Case)
No.599 (Injunction against Mandatory Fingerprinting for Identity Cards Case)     
No.328 (The Boundaries of National Territory Case)

4. Local Governments
No. 553 (Judicial Review and the Local Government Act Case)
No. 527 (Petition for Interpretation of the Local Government Act Case)


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