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1. Freedom of Expression    
No. 577 (Compelled Speech Case)
No. 756 (Prisoners’ Freedom of Secrecy of Correspondence and Freedom of Expression Case )
No. 617 (Criminal Offence of Disseminating Obscene Material Case)
No. 509 (The Defamation Case)

2. Equality   
No. 760 (Disparate Impact Discrimination in Police Recruitment Case)
No. 618 (Exclusion of Mainland Chinese Migrants from Civil Service Case)
No. 649 (Preferential Treatment of Vision-Impaired Individuals Case)
No. 666 (Sexual Transaction Punishment Case)

3. Right to Personal Liberty  
No. 384 (The Constitutionality of the Liumang (Hoodlums) Act Case)
No. 636 (The Constitutionality of the Liumang (Hoodlums) Act Case)
(The Third Case on the Same Act)

No. 392 (The Prosecutor’s Power to Detain Suspects without Warrant Case)
No. 567 (The Disciplinary Measures for Prevention of Recidivism by Communist Espionage Criminals Case)
No. 708 (The Immigration Detention of Foreign Nationals Pending     Deportation Case)
No. 690 (Compulsory Quarantine and Personal Liberty and Security Case)
No. 588 (Deprivation of Personal Liberty and Security Case)
No. 535 (Spot Checks Case)

4. Due Process in Administrative Procedures    
No. 763 (Obligation to Notify the Original Landowner of the Use of the Expropriated Land Case)
No. 709 (Review and Approval of Urban Renewal Project Summaries and Plans Case)

5. Right to Judicial Remedy   
No. 755 (Judicial Remedies for Inmates Case)
No. 582 (Cross-examination of Co-defendants Case)
No. 762 (The Right of a Defendant to Access Information in the Court Dossier Case)

6. Unenumerated Constitutional Rights    
No. 490 (Obligation to Perform Military Service Case)
No. 476 (Capital Punishment in Drug Control Laws Case)
No. 563 (Expulsion of Graduate Student Case)
No. 644 (The Prohibition against Associations Advocating Communism or Secession Case)
No. 689 (Freedom of the Press and Its Restraint Case)
No. 719 (Mandatory Requirement to Employ a Certain Percentage of 
    Indigenous Persons Case)

7. Social Rights      
No. 472 (Compulsory National Health Insurance Case)

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