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The English version of the Constitutional Court Procedure Act is now available on the official websites of the Judicial Yuan and the Constitutional Court for public access and reference.


To further realize the protection of constitutional right, the Constitutional Court has introduced the amendment to the current Constitutional Interpretation Procedure Act and to rename it in the title of the Constitutional Court Procedure Act (“the Act”). The Act, comprising total ninety-five articles, was promulgated by the President on January 4, 2019, and projected to take effect on January 4, 2022. This new jurisdiction will bring the constitutional review by the Justices completely judicialized and more closely in line with the court model. For the ease of access and reference by legal professionals and other constitutional courts around the world, and improving the international collaboration, the Constitutional Court has translated the Act into English and released the English version of the Act on the Judicial Yuan website at https://legal.judicial.gov.tw/LAWENG//FLAW/dat02.aspx?lsid=FL000849 and the Constitutional Court website at http://cons.judicial.gov.tw/jcc/en-us/relatelaw/y19yzwxhdgvfcnvszq%3d%3d. The above publications are free for access and download.


For more details, please contact Department of Clerks for the Justices of the Constitutional Court.
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