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  • Interpretation
  • No.9【Under Translation】
  • Date
  • 1952/10/27
  • Issue
    • Where the adjudication violates the Constitution, may the party concerned indicate such violation in the appeal statements?
  • Holding
    •        1. Should a judgment violate the Constitution, the party concerned may, in the process of litigating, indicate the claimed violation in its reasoning.
    •        2. According to the submitted opinions, the second point therein failed to indicate any discrepancies between the submitted opinions and the opinions which were issued by the concerned authority or other authorities. It therefore does not comply with Article 4 of the Regulations Governing the Adjudication of Grand Justices Council and, as a result, the request for uniform interpretation is thus denied.
    • *Translated by Wei-Feng Huang of THY Taiwan International Law Offices.
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