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The Taiwan Constitutional Court’s Participation in the 5th Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice held in Bali, Indonesia

Constitutional Court of the Republic of China (Taiwan) 
October 25, 2022


    The Taiwan Constitutional Court (TCC) sent the delegation led by Justice Ming-Yan SHIEH to participate in the 5th Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice on the topic: “Constitutional Justice and Peace,” held in Bali during 4th to 7th October 2022. This was the second time the TCC participated in the Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice (WCCJ), following the participation in the 4th Congress of WCCJ led by President Tzong-Li HSU in Vilnius, Lithuania 2017.

    With the participation of presidents and Constitutional and Supreme Court judges from over 90 countries around the world, the speakers, discussants and the participants shared their respective views on the sources of law, the responsibilities and limitations of the role of constitutional courts in maintaining peace, the fundamental international principles for the protection of human rights and the examination of the independence of constitutional courts. Secretary General of the WCCJ, Mr. Schnutz DÜRR, also called for contribution into the constitutional justice database—the CODICES, which aspires to facilitate daily exchange of jurisprudence between constitutional courts and equivalent institutions without borders.

    During the Taiwan delegation’s stay in Bali, Justice Ming-Yan SHIEH, Director General Chen-Chou HSU and Research Judge Yi-Yi LEE met participants from several Constitutional and Supreme Courts and had fruitful exchange.

Meeting with President Didier LINOTTE,  le Tribunal Suprême de Monaco.


Meeting with the discussant madam Justice Simina TANASESCU,
the Constitutional Court of Romania.

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