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  • Interpretation
  • No.77
  • Date
  • 1957/06/24
  • Issue
    • Does the stipulation of Article 164 of the Constitution, that the educational programs expenditure of the county/hsien shall not be less than 35 percent of the total budget, include the supplemental budget?
  • Holding
    •        Pursuant to Article 164 of the Constitution, the expenditure on educational programs, scientific studies and cultural services should not be, in respect of each county/hsien, less than 35 percent of the total county/hsien budget. This means the percentage of the total expenditure budget. As the matter of a supplemental budget shall only be raised when circumstances during enforcement of the budget are in accordance with Article 53 of the Budget Law, it is obvious that such supplemental budget shall not be included in the total county/hsien budget.
    • *Translated by Lawrence L. C. Lee.
  • Reasoning
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